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Property Management with TREK Development
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Property Management

Since 2010, TREK’s Property Management division has been growing annually with assets in six counties, managed by our trained and accredited staff. Our portfolio consists of commercial, market rate, mixed-income, affordable housing tax credit and project-based Section 8. Additionally, our team provides asset management to an additional 1,000 units through the region. TREK has a proven track record of maintaining occupancy rates at or above 98% and rent collections at 98% by hiring mission-minded and skilled teams, creating operating efficiencies and through building strong, positive relationships with residents.

We  weave our innovative and collaborative development approach into the Property Management operations. We foster an aspirational, human-centric operating culture that strives to create co-investment of the quality of life in the community among the owners, staff and residents, we work towards the triple aim of TREK’s mission: Create Value, Enhance Lives and Strengthen Communities.

We build strong community teams by following Patrick Lencioni’s Five behaviors of a cohesive team model. The behaviors are Trust, Conflict, Commitment, Accountability and Results.  We build strong relationships with residents through our commitment to TREK’s Hospitality Covenant in which our staff pledge to:

  • Treat everyone with the kindness we all want
  • Do our part to take care of the place where we live and work
  • Take the time to help each other achieve our goals and aspirations.

Award-Winning Property Management

TREK Development is the proud recipient of the following awards:

  • 2018 Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency: Best Practice Showcase Participation 
  • Recognition highlighting successful programs and services for residents of affordable housing. 
  • 2017 PAHMA Award Interior Design Award: Brew House, Pittsburgh 
  • 2017 PAHMA Award Interior Design Award: Orchard Hill, Indiana 
  • 2017 PAHMA Platinum Award Curb Appeal: Grandview Point, Blairsville 
  • 2015 PAHMA Awards Excellence in Resident Services 
  • 2015 PAHMA Awards Interior Design: Century Building, Pittsburgh
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TREK Development Group commits itself to pursuing any opportunities where we can add value and create positive change within a community. Contact the team today to get started.