What We Do & Why

Building Partnerships

Our Focus

Trek Development Group is a regional industry leader in the development and management of residential, commercial and mixed-use real estate.  

We are intently focused on:

  • Environmental sustainability
  • Historic Preservation
  • Developing in transitional neighborhoods where our investment adds momentum to past investments and catalyzes additional investment
  • Creating affordable, mixed-income and mixed-use housing
  • Creating more livable communities for all (regardless of age, income, race or class)
  • Re-urbanization (vital urban core).  Infill vs. Greenfield
  • Our Triple Aim Effort:  of fostering an aspirational operating culture designed to create the kind of co-investment among owners, staff and residents needed to achieve both individual and community transformation
  • Collaboration/Alignment with schools, parks, foundations, government and non-profit partners
TREK office pictureTREK partnership

Our Values

Since our founding in 1992, we built a successful organization by embracing 3 basic values/practices: Responsibility, Seeking to Understand and Humility


Trek practices responsible development and management by always proceeding with a clear direction, setting reasonable expectation and being accountable to an agreed upon result (while striving to be aspirational).  TREK delivers top-quality results that are both on-time and on-budget and maintains a firm and active presence in the communities it manages into the future. Focus, urgency and follow-through are 3 practices that guide our daily activities.

By remaining dedicated to high-quality community management, TREK has transformed neighborhoods historically afflicted by decades of disinvestment and decline. Its current portfolio maintains occupancy rates of 98%, thanks to high-quality site selection, professional management, and excellence in construction and design.

Seeking to Understand

TREK has extensive experience working with both complex financial structures in both conventional capital markets and smaller public & private groups. Projects are developed with long-term ownership in mind and a commitment to executing sustainable solutions to a wide variety of real estate challenges.  Results are achieved through asking questions, active listening and always remaining curious about better ways to operate and achieve aspirational visions for the communities we serve.


TREK seeks value in all communities (especially from less likely sources) and looks for opportunities to contribute its time, talent and treasure. Trek remains interested in all feedback we receive, ignore prejudices and keeps an open mind to new ideas.  “Humility creates more oxygen for others to participate and come together and make change.  If you think you already know everything or act like you do, other people will check out and things won’t get done as quickly or as well”. (Shoemaker).

Our Values at Trek Development Our Values at TREK Development

Our Approach

TREK endeavors to develop, own and manage residential and mixed use communities that enhance the lives of residents while strengthening neighborhoods physically, socially and economically.

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Create a more sustainable future.

TREK Development Group commits itself to pursuing any opportunities where we can add value and create positive change within a community. Contact the team today to get started.