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TREK Development Group incorporates Residents Services into Property Management operations using the Community Networking Building model. Recognizing that the traditional models for community building are no longer effective and that traditional resident services models are focused on needs; TREKs Resident Services division strives to operate from an aspirational perspective. We engage residents, staff, and community partner in fun and intentional ways to develop trusted relationships through coming together on similar interests and tackling concerns and problems in authentic, meaningful ways. When the operating culture in a community shifts to being more connected, the impact is felt in property operations and individual life situations.

TREK operates several models to cultivate a community network and the operating culture we strive to foster.

  1. An onsite Community Builder who engages residents and staff in new ways through community gatherings, small affinity groups, and fun pop-up activities while supporting individuals in their personal growth journey.
  2. An onsite Community Manager who has a background in social services and community engagement that is trained in Property Management and often has administrative support. This Community Manager engages the entire TREK team and residents through a community stewardship team that works together to support resident ideas, promote an engaged and invested community while supporting individuals in their goals and aspirations.

Our staff invite residents to join them in our Hospitality Covenant which is designed to be the foundation of the operating culture we strive for.  

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Trek Development believes that community engagement is paramount when developing successful, integrated communities.

We reach out to active community groups and leaders to obtain strong community input and coordination during a project's design and development process.

TREK Development Group currently works with the Triple Aim Impact Consultation Group — a joint venture between the National Initiative on Mixed-Income Communities at Case Western Reserve University and Trusted Space Partners.

The Triple Aim Impact focuses on the community transformation, individual change, and operating efficiency of mixed-income developments. Together, the partners help cities, housing authorities, private developers, and local leaders promote successful mixed-income transformations.

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Create a more sustainable future.

TREK Development Group commits itself to pursuing any opportunities where we can add value and create positive change within a community. Contact the team today to get started.