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A defunct and abandoned brewery finds new life fueled by art at The Brew House


Live, Work, Play

The Brew House is a place for art. It is a place where a residency artist can work when inspiration strikes at two in the morning, a place for a third grade field trip to see what the community is doing, and a place to rediscover your love of creation and appreciation of art on a day off. We’ve separated this site into three main places: Live, Work, and Play because the Brew House is something different for everyone.

Our goal is a place where the community can feed culture, and culture can nourish the community. The Brew House idea is to create a place where artists can not only live and work at an affordable rate, but also thrive with the help of the programs we offer. The Brew House supports emerging artists by providing opportunities for collaboration, interaction, and professional development. In return, our artists give back to the community through classes and workshops that are open to the public, gallery shows, and other public services. It’s a great way to attract culture to the area and energize the community.

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She resumed “trocking” — her term for antiquing — a pastime she enjoyed while living in Europe. “Every time I’m out and about, I look for the unusual, unique, eye-catching, story-riveting item to bring home,” she says. Sheahan, essentially lives in her own, ever-changing art installation. On an upper floor of the Brew House Art Lofts, natural light floods through tall windows overlooking a sea of rooftops and narrow streets; the high ceilings lend themselves to what Sheahan calls her “lofty ideas for living.”
Patricia Sheahan, Brew House Loft Resident

Located in Pittsburgh’s Southside neighborhood, the Brew House Lofts is a new 76 unit apartment building at the site of the former dilapidated Duquesne Brewery. The new studio, one and two bedroom lofts are an industrial, artsy style including high ceilings, large windows and modern finishes. Units include a mix of affordable workforce and market rate apartments for the artist community. The Brew House includes a large community area, 24/7 Fitness Center, Roof Top Deck, a Gallery, and several studio spaces. The Brew House is an ideal creative live/ work environment for a wide range of artists and individuals. Eligible artists will be granted an occupancy preference, but non-artists and art lovers are encouraged and accepted.

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