It's People, It's Community, It's Home

It's People, It's Community, It's Home

Uptown and The Hill are linked by the Dinwiddie Triangle. A house by house revitalization of a forgotten corridor.


It's People, It's Community, It's Home

The demand for quality, affordable family housing in the Hill District is very strong, because much of the city’s low-income population is still concentrated in the Hill. Dinwiddie Street Housing not only addresses the undeniable need for quality, affordable family housing in the Hill District, but also furthers the City’s commitment to the neighborhood’s revitalization by integrating the construction of a new community service facilities and 18 new houses on vacant, underutilized property. The Dinwiddie projects have unleashed tremendous public and private resources stabilizing a specific section of the Hill District. Dinwiddie and large portions of the surrounding blocks will have completely transformed the neighborhood. Dinwiddie Housing comprises 95 units which target a mix of incomes. There are 28 Project Based Section 8 units, and 67 affordable LIHTC units. There are a mix of 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units (townhouses, walkup and apartment buildings). The projects TREK developed consist of a mix of old rehabilitated brownstones and the conversion of the Miller School Gym into loft apartments.

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Hill District

Located in the Pittsburgh’s historic Hill District, Dinwiddie Street Housing boasts a rich cultural history birthed by legacies of the past residents and cultivated by current community members. The Dinwiddie community is a distinct working-class neighborhood with its own unique flavor, while also serving as a bridge proudly connecting the Centre Avenue corridor to Uptown Pittsburgh.

‍Everything old is new again…In 2008, through the works of Trek Development Group, community partners and Hill District leadership, the once thriving neighborhood was restored to its iconic beauty and vibrance. Redevelopment consisted of 95 affordable housing units, broken down into four phases of development. In order, to combine the old with the new, the development team, with the help of community leaders, reviewed existing properties to carefully assess which existing buildings could be retained & where they would need to interweave new construction.

These carefully planned details resulted in the creation of new townhomes and intricate building remodels that carefully retained the existing character of stone façades and ultimately led to the development of architecturally high end affordable loft spaces that preserved countless original architectural details in the1920’s Miller School building addition.

While the details and rebuilding of the Dinwiddie Street community revitalize the physical landscape, the soul of this neighborhood is and will always be its people. Dinwiddie Street Housing remains an intergenerational community of neighbors with a heart for their hometown and each other.

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