Jun 8, 2020

TREK Stands Against Racism

Dear Residents,

Trek Development Group commits to taking a stand against racism and a stand for diversity, inclusion and equity.  We join the nation in acknowledging and mourning the hatred and racism that has resulted in countless deaths of black people including Antwon Rose, Jr., George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor.

We are committed to building communities that cultivate the inclusion and equity of all people. We believe that through tough conversations and relationship building in safe environments- we grow together.

  • We strive to be inclusive and will continue working to create communities that give all families safe places to live peacefully and will create safe spaces for everyone to have their voice heard.

Trek believes everyone brings something to the table, let us bring the table. Be on the lookout for resident gatherings focused on this topic.

  • We commit to training our staff to be culturally competent, fostering secure, respectful, reciprocal relationships and recognizing that diversity contributes to the richness of our society.

We are pleased to have a Diversity and Inclusion Coordinator on staff to lead us in these efforts.

  • We commit to building industry-leading and equitable communities in all our developments.

Every resident will experience the best of Trek Development Group.

This is the beginning, and, with humility, we know that we will need your help and patience to cultivate these initiatives as we all work for a stronger community for everyone.

We hope that you will continue to network and build with us so that we may grow in relationship together.

With Love and Support,

Trek Development Group