Mar 19, 2021

TREK celebrates Women's History Month

We asked TREK's executive team to choose Women in the Housing Industry that they would like to highlight this month. Six women from six different walks of life, all with groundbreaking impact.

Founder/CEO Founder Bill Gatti calls out the brave work of Saint Margaret of Louvin

Janelle Kemerer, Project Manager, is drawing attention to the impact of Laura Nettleton.

Our Director of Mission, People & Culture, Bethany Friel wanted to share the work of Catherine Bauer, a woman who helped lay the foundation of Housing laws we have today.

Read about why our Senior Community Builder, Montia Robinson-Dinkins chose Patricia Roverts Harris

ricia Corwin, the Director of Property and Asset Management, is celebrating Tammy Duckworth

"I have always enjoyed having Stefani Danes on the design teams. She is a special architect, and a special person. She has had a positive impact on many people through project design throughout the Pittsburgh Region" -John Ginocchi, Executive Vice President