Jan 19, 2021

Announcing Jeremiah Village

TREK Development Group is partnering with Glade Run Lutheran Services to redevelop a portion of Glade Run’s campus in Zelienople, Pennsylvania; a suburban community approximately 30 miles north of the city of Pittsburgh.  This project, phase one of the development, intended to be the only LIHTC housing in the development, will consist of a 6.4 acre portion that will be developed with a new three-story apartment building containing thirty-six units and eight new detached single-family houses. The buildings and site are designed to create a pedestrian-oriented “pocket” village with the houses grouped around a shared green, and the apartment building facing onto a lawn that engages with the larger community of Zelienople.


Over the past several years, Glade Run has been actively searching and pursuing their mission driven desire to develop inclusive ,independent housing for individuals on the Autism Spectrum that is integrated into a broader, planned “village” of residences.  Seven units will be set aside for households that include individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder(ASD) with Glade Run coordinating the funding of enhanced supportive services for this population. The design and development team worked with Glade Run, to follow design principles and incorporate features to meet the needs of residents with ASD. Indoor and outdoor common spaces were designed to ease wayfinding and create spaces where people can engage or disengage.

Rendering of the grounds
Rendering of the entrance