Bethany Friel, LSW

Vice President of Management Operations

Bethany Friel, LSW


Bethany Friel has a strong foundation in social work and housing that includes 20 years of serving families and individuals in the Greater Pittsburgh region and beyond. Bethany has become a leader in housing programs and the delicate circumstances of housing in marginalized communities/neighborhoods. She earned her Master's in Social Science Administration from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, and has worked in a variety of community agencies in the Pittsburgh area including providing direct services and leadership to transitional and permanent supportive housing programs.

Bethany Friel joined TREK Development Group in 2014 as the Supportive Services Coordinator, the Director of Mission, Culture and People and now serves at the Vice President of Management Operations. Bethany brings her social skill set in the art of empathy and humanism to the field of property management that is largely immersed in logical analytics and numerical data. Her ability to keep empathy & social insight in the same conversations as (income and compliance centric operations), and strategic planning lend to a holistic company approach that sees tangible gains.

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